Writer's Block: Prison Food is Punishment Enough

What food would you miss most if you were sent to prison for the rest of your life?

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When did they stop serving food in prison? So much for my idea of getting my ass thrown in jail when the bank takes my house.

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Sales meeting this morning

"You know you're doing your job correctly when you tell the customer to 'go to hell' and they look forward to the trip" - The Suzuki sales manager during the sales meeting

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saturday, january 3. 8:10 am pst

I typed out a long ass entry and then realized that I can sum up the last 24 hours in a lot fewer words.

I was nearly an hour late for work because I stayed up too late drinking with friends and was unable to set the correct time on my alarm clock last night.

Lately I've been unable to pull the trigger with the ladies. This has been a huge setback.

Another day. Another dollar.

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saturday, november 22. 2:34 pm pst

I think I really like Jimmy Smits on Dexter. I'm only about five episodes in, but his character is pretty solid.

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Do It Like the Pros

what is your drink of choice (alcohol or otherwise)?

Yuengling, Red Stripe and Grolsch in the beer department. I'm a big fan of Crown and 7's and Bloody Mary's if the drink contains liquor.

What's the best advice you've ever received? How have you implemented it into your life?

A guy that I work with told me one day that "scared men do not make good heroes." Since then, I've realized that a lot of my fears are irrational and have kept me from following through on many things in life.

how do you stay warm in the wintertime?

Snuggle with prostitutes.

what are your bad habits (and why don't you stop)?

Smoking and drinking, but I'm on the road to quitting cigarettes.

what would you do for a Klondike bar?

Not a damn thing. Fuck Klondike bars.

Sing My Praise!
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i have another coozie thingy for you. it's not nearly as cool as the other one. in fact, it's not cool at all. BUT! it does have a bottom on it, so you won't go losing your precious beers.

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